books lately

As a middle school English Language Arts teacher, I love to share my love of books in and outside the classroom. BOOKS LATELY is all about the exploration of literature. We look forward to bringing you book club events for children & adults.


Parents, are you looking for ELA enrichment that won’t break the bank or your child’s spirit? Are you looking for a program that fosters and promotes critical thinking skills? Then I would definitely consider what we have to offer. Forget conventional tutoring (zzzZZ) and think of BOOKS LATELY as your child’s way to grow a love of reading while boosting their confidence, grades, and overall understanding in ELA class. Once enrolled in BOOKS LATELY, your child will attend weekly BOOKS LATELY sessions in a private or group setting where he/she will receive guided reading instruction, learn new and useful reading and writing strategies, and have fun while doing it! Yes, it’s true, kids learn best when they are having fun! Email to set up your first session.


Do you need some assistance creating that perfect book club among friends and family that you have always dreamed of? We can help! Whether you need a book club host or maybe a book club space, we have got you covered! Please email for more information.


LinkedIn: Luigia Gregory



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