meal-prep sunday

only not really…

It is Sunday, but no meal-prepping will take place today because school will not be in session the next two days. Is it weird that I’m sort of upset? I love routines & my Sunday routine of figuring out what’s for lunch & dinner all week is prob my favorite one. Prepping lunches for the week may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but it is actually the exact opposite. You need to add this practice to your weekly grind. Meal-prepping frees up your time & you have one less worry during the week. Sunday prepping will usually cover lunch for 3 days (Mon-Wed). Wednesday’s leftovers then become lunch for both Thursday and Friday.

The kids & I had baked turkey meatballs, pesto farfalle, and carrots for the first week of school. Kid, pre-teen, and teen approved lunch! Just in case you wondering.

Endnote: I am completely obsessed with lunch box/meal-prepping posts & pics 😉
leave me a comment if you also share meal-prepping/lunch box photos so we can share ideas! I’d love to see your posts.

Pictures from finish to start:



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  1. Claudette says:

    I made extra meatballs last week for the freezer. That’s the extend of my meal prep so far. But I am making buns now, so some of those will be for lunches, and for the freezer as well.

    you are more prepared than me. 🙂


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