decluttering & finally breathing

When people used to ask, “how do you do it?” as i was finishing up my last year of grad school, I was relieved that they’d never get a peek into my home.  If they had seen what my house looked like at any given moment, they might have said, “oh, that’s how she’s able to juggle everything.” I was a working mom working on my MSEd so there was no way that I could keep a home in tiptop shape. By the way,  I didn’t even feel remotely guilty about having a messy home, and I’m so proud of myself for realizing that I can only do so much.  Life is a balancing act. I understood that and once you get that, reallllly get that, life is good.  Now that I have my degree & classes, papers, research, etc. are no longer on my to-do list, I can focus on every single corner in my apartment. help me. ha. honestly, i feel great. I feel like I can breathe better without all the clutter.

what is your decluttering method? For some odd reason, I like dragging everything from one problem area into my dining room and using that space to organize and declutter. Is that weird? I’ll work on my personal closet tomorrow & will most likely, as I just said, drag everything into the dining room and go from there. Odd, but I get things done using this method.


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  1. Claudette says:

    I’m actively ignoring piles of clutter, and avoid going to the basement reaction. But, one day, it will hit me and then I’ll be like a crazed woman on a mission. 😉

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    1. Gialately says:

      HAHA! That is exactly what happened to me.

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