summertime sadness// the next 21 days

School begins in 21 days, so I am beginning to get that end-of-summer feeling that leaves me a bit anxious and obsessive ((how will i get everything ready? // I need to get everything done NOW!)) I think everyone experiences “summertime sadness” in their own way. Regardless of how you experience it and/or deal with it, I hope you are excited about the upcoming school year! My summertime sadness doesn’t mean I don’t want to go back to work. It does mean I hope I can bring the same enthusiasm and creative energy I have had all summer long into the classroom. It means I have fully enjoyed all the free time I have had to spend with family & friends. It means I hope I’ll be able to workout as much as I have been able to this summer. It means I hope I have time to meal plan, dress well, take care of myself and everyone else, pack lunch for the kids, contribute in some way– no matter how small– to all my kids’ schools (now 3 different schools), spend as much time w my family as possible… the list starts to get long and then I think oh,  I haven’t even considered everything I will have to do once I walk into my classroom…😳 I’m going to leave that there. The unknown can be a good thing and I’m just going to take everything one step at a time.

I want to spend the next 21 days enjoying the rest of the summer as I plan for the upcoming school year. This summer has given me so much time to reflect, create, enjoy life, and grow as a person. I just can’t think of “teacher tired” right now. I feel so far removed from that sort of exhaustion.  I  want to spend the next 3 weeks thoughtfully creating a plan that will allow me to stay healthy, energetic, happy, etc. etc. 🙂 How will you spend the next three weeks? How are you going to deal with your own version of summertime sadness?

I will lament over all the days I can’t spend at the Borgata, haaa.

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