Finished Reading: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

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I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is certainly not a book you’ll find in massive quantities when you visit the bookstore. I waited weeks for the book to become available at the local library. Michelle McNamara’s intense true crime story about her search for the Golden State Killer also weaves in aspects of memoir. True Crime isn’t a genre you’ll ever find me browsing, but I do love reading memoirs.  McNamara’s story truly encapsulates her tormenting search for a criminal who would not be caught during her lifetime.

McNamara chills readers to the bone while also offering a reflection on a human weakness we can all relate to: obsessions. At one point, she compares her frantic clicking of windows and browsers to that of a peeping tom looking through actual windows. She mentions this thin line that could cross over to madness. What made the ONS (original night stalker) who he was? Why did obsessions lead him to rape and murder? This is something you’ll consider as you read this incredibly written book that stands alone as a true crime memoir. “There’s a scream permanently lodged in my throat now,” Flynn writes to describe her search for the GSK (Golden State Killer). The search consumes her. McNamara’s obsession consumes her. If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be, “consumption.”  McNamara writes that the GSK has consumed her the most– more than any other true crime she wrote about or helped research. According to McNamara, he was “the one.”

Sadly, McNamara’s obsession ends tragically. She died in her sleep of an accidental drug overdose. Consumed by her obsession to catch the GSK, McNamara became the GSK’s latest victim. You will not regret joining McNamara on this obsessive journey to find a monster.


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