social media: what we share; what we don’t share.

I love social media and that is no secret.

I love sharing images and scrolling through images. I’m naturally introverted and use Instagram as a means to stay connected to the people I admire/like/love in a way that is most comfortable for my personality. Recently, though, I’ve begun to think about the downfalls of social media and wanted to engage viewers in a discussion regarding social media. As social media connects us to so many, is it disconnecting us from those closest to us? As you share images on your feed, are you now less likely to share your innermost thoughts with your loved ones?

Interestingly enough, we share so much yet keep so much hidden inside. It seems, in my opinion, the more I am inclined to share the less I actually share with the people around me. For example, I’ll post (on ig)  daily, but those closest to me won’t exactly know what i’m feeling, thinking, creating or dreaming up. The good and bad (whatever is going on in my life) sort of remain a secret while everything is seemingly public. As my feed becomes more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, I wonder if I would better feed the souls of the people around me without this particular IG feed.

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  1. alexmorablog says:

    I also have a blog and I am trying to create a community where people feel free to express themselves and feel supported. I am reaching out to people with new blogs like myself to hopefully support each other in this journey of a blog. If you want to check my blog out, you can find it at


    1. Gialately says:

      Hi Alex! Thanks for the comment. Creating a safe space within your blog for others is truly heartwarming! I’m following along 🙂


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