and the living’s easy 🙂 Sometimes too easy! As a middle-school ELA teacher who does not teach summer school, the summer can slow my creative process. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the demands of being at home with 3 boys who are in completely different age groups. It’s not as easy it looks to keep all three kids engaged and doing something productive at all times. I’ve had a lot of fun so far this summer by myself (going out solo with family and friends for dinner, drinks, etc.) and with my children, but not working sort of throws things off-balance for me.

Luckily, I went to a work-related conference recently and it truly helped put things into perspective for me. I felt recharged and ready to make things happen! I left the conference feeling invigorated and ready to take over the world. The professional development conference for educators like myself focused on “innovation as an engine for equity and excellence.” How perfect not only for educators but for all contributing members of society! Think of all the ways innovation can be used as an engine to make so many differences in our communities. How am I being an innovative human being? How am I being an innovative educator, an innovative mother? I’d like to think of these questions as I move forward with any decision in my life.



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