The weekend is here…

A much-needed night out with my mother and sisters painting ceramics and drinking red wine.

Winter break is just what I needed. I’m feeling calm, productive, assured and on top of every day tasks. I don’t want this little vacation from reality to end! In just 12 days, I’ll begin my last semester of graduate school, and I’m feeling ready, but also exhausted at the thought of going back to class. The month of January always feels longer than any other month, and that can be equally as relieving as it is maddening. It’s freezing cold and I can’t wait for warmer days to arrive; yet, I want to hold onto this month forever because it has left me so much time for self-reflection. OH, oh, and time to read books I couldn’t wait to get my hands on like Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You (so, so incredibly good that a book review should follow at some point) and Wally Lamb’s I’ll Take you There. I mean, I was able to read not one, but two books for pleasure. I’m always reading and writing, but not so much for pleasure. Of course I find pleasure in anything I read, really, but there was no attached assignment or impending unit plan to create! That is for me, reading for pleasure.  I also have made so much time to declutter my house which has led me to feel peaceful and at ease when I get home from work. Rob and I found time to go on a date- a real date, and I also had one on one time with each of my three sons. You guys, it’s only January 19th! I feel so accomplished this month.

One thing I did not make time for is FITNESS. Of course I didn’t. Unfortunately, exercise is always the last thing on my mind and it sure shows. Can I use the freezing NYC weather as an excuse? Okay, great.

Back to feeling at peace and accomplished. This month has really brought me and my family immense joy for a multitude of reasons and I feel so thankful and blessed. Sappy I know, but when you have experienced some pretty nasty lows, you have to revel in the highs. I am saying this in the most humble way possible.


Grateful .

We are only 19 days in.



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