Happy New Year!

As 2013 comes to a close, I have been thinking of different ways to make 2014 more memorable and special for our family.  I came across the idea of a memory jar, or blessings jar as some people call them, and thought it would be a perfect New Year’s Eve activity to do with the kids.  My kids weren’t  as excited as I was about the project, but they did help by picking out what they wanted placed on their jars. 

It seems everyone is always ready to put the past year behind them because of how bad  it’s been or because of how it didn’t measure up to the many years before.  That’s fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to reflect on all the good moments of 2013?  Good moments of 2013 are sparse for many, myself included, but this project aims to have you hold onto all the good memories of the upcoming year. 

Grab a mason jar and decorate it however you wish.  You can make one for your entire family to contribute to throughout the year, or like us, make an individual one for each member of your family.  I even made one for Joseph so that I can record milestones and happy memories that he is experiencing.  

Starting January 1st and all throughout the year, take time to write down a happy moment that has passed on a little piece of paper, fold it, and place it in the jar.  Any moment that is special to you will do, for example: “I got a raise today,” ” We had such a great time at Disney,” “I finally went to the gym!” Your kids might write, ” I went to my friend’s birthday party and had so much fun” or “I learned how to ride a bike today” etc, etc.  Happy, happy moments! 

On New Year’s Eve of next year, everyone will open their jars and share their moments with each other.  It will be a time to reflect on how wonderful the past year has been.  May your jars be filled with beautiful and happy moments.

Wishing you many blessing for the New Year! 




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