Christmas Cookies


^^These were my absolute fave Christmas cookies of the year.  OMG, I probably consumed an entire batch all on my own.  They are Ina Garten’s Jam Thumbprint Cookies .  You must try them!

IMG_3424^^ Mm, Russian Tea Cakes . Incredibly delectable.

IMG_3434^^ These butter cookies (a recipe passed down to my mother-in-law from her grandmother)  are always the first to go, and with 3 left in the tin, they are proving that fact true AGAIN.

IMG_3435Another Ina Garten recipe, she’s my favorite chef of all time 🙂 I can’t say the macaroons were my favorite this year.  I think the warm weather messed with the consistency :-\

IMG_3438I can’t take the credit for these fabulous chocolate chip cookies…my husband made them!

IMG_3439These chocolate peanut butter cookies are so chewy and oh so yummy!

IMG_3446Again, like the macaroons, these cookies should have been made on a cooler day.  We got some out of the ordinary weather Christmas week in NY, but this has always been a favorite of mine.  They are Lidia’s Ricotta Cookies. 

Some of you may already be dieting as this holiday season comes to a close, so this post may be ill-timed, sorry!  If you can squeeze in a few more pounds, try these incredible recipes that I’m sharing above! If not, try them next year, you won’t be disappointed.


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