12 Dates of Christmas: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

1st date: Getting into Holiday Spirit 

On our first family date of the holiday season, we aimed to get into the holiday spirit by

getting our Christmas tree

enjoying a dinner of finger foods as we trimmed the tree

baking chocolate chip cookies

all while listening to Christmas music

It was such a fun night for all of us

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Anthony working on the little tree in their room


12 Dates of Christmas, what better way to make the holidays merrier than to make time for 12 special dates with your significant other?

I fell in love with this  idea for a new Christmas tradition when I read about it on lovetaza.com, one of my favorite bloggers.

It is a tradition that aims at spending more time with your husband, and if you  would like to include your children, more time with them as well!!  We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that we forget how togetherness should be the ultimate goal of the holiday season.

I would  love to share 12 special dates with my husband alone but with only 11 days to Christmas it isn’t realistic, so we will aim to have 12 special dates that are either for the entire family or us alone.


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