meal-prep sunday

only not really… It is Sunday, but no meal-prepping will take place today because school will not be in session the next two days. Is it weird that I’m sort of upset? I love routines & my Sunday routine of figuring out what’s for lunch & dinner all week is prob my favorite one. Prepping…

Back-to-School Pic :)

This shot makes my heart happy 🙂 I hope everyone had a great first week of school! Here we are beginning a new school year as a 4th year teacher, 9th grader, 6th grader, and 1st grader!

september events

I couldn’t let the month of August end without giving you a list of events for September! This list is not as exciting as last month’s calendar of events, but I promise to update you on any upcoming fun happenings I find! In all honesty, we don’t get out much in September since we usually…

decluttering & finally breathing

When people used to ask, “how do you do it?” as i was finishing up my last year of grad school, I was relieved that they’d never get a peek into my home.  If they had seen what my house looked like at any given moment, they might have said, “oh, that’s how she’s able…

vineyard hopping

a pic post because it’s hump day and I’m thinking of this past Sunday spent at the vineyards ☀️🍷🤗

fall/pumpkin-themed party

remember this? I was taking a stroll down memory lane (aka iCloud)  and found some pictures of the ‘pumpkin process’ behind Maria and Chris’ engagement party decor. Look at us hard at work 🙂 We had a vision and it was so beautiful to see it come to fruition! Check it out.  

sweet treats

file this under “dessert table on fleek!” beautifully done chocolate covered cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows by maria & emilia. Now taking orders for October. Email

summertime sadness// the next 21 days

School begins in 21 days, so I am beginning to get that end-of-summer feeling that leaves me a bit anxious and obsessive ((how will i get everything ready? // I need to get everything done NOW!)) I think everyone experiences “summertime sadness” in their own way. Regardless of how you experience it and/or deal with it, I…


GIA LATELY will be having pop-up events sporadically & we hope you’ll be there to support us at our next one! Our goal is to engage with you & tell you all about what GIA LATELY has to offer. We want to give you an opportunity to size us up & share your thoughts with…